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90 100 Used Tigershark Jr. Kids Snow Skis with Marker 4.5 Bindings A Used Tigershark Jr. Kids Snow Skis with Marker 4.5 Bindings A

Used Tigershark Jr. Kids Snow Skis with Marker 4.5 Bindings A

This is a Used Volkl Tigershark Jr. Kid's Shape ski with Marker 4.5 adjustable demo bindings (DIN .75-4.5) that will adjust to fit different sized ski boots. The bindings will adjust to fit ski boots with a boot sole length of - 80cm to 90cm = 203mm to 245mm; 100cm = 203mm to 252mm; 130cm to 150cm = 215mm to 295mm. Skis from 80cm to 100cm lengths have bindings that have a fixed toe and adjustable heel. Skis 110cm and up have bindings with an adjustable heel and toe. These Tigershark Junior Skis were developed with a profile similar to Volkl's popular Junior's Unlimited Ski. The TigerShark Jr. is an affordable entry-level ski with a vibration-dampening polyurethane core. Volkl refined the sidecut for predictable carving but the wide tip can smooth out the ride in crud and ungroomed snow. The Tip/Waist/Tail is - 80cm to 100cm = 102/66/88; 130cm to 150cm = 102/67/92.

The photos are representative of the skis that you will receive. Your ski will have the same graphics and be in the condition as described below.


This ski was used in a small ski shop rental and lease program for two to three seasons. The tops have moderate to heavy scratches and scuff marks. The topskin will have chips and slices that will be up to and slightly over 1/2". The topsheet also has a lot of edge scuffing. The bottoms are smooth and in good shape. The edges are straight. Please note that the bindings will come in either the color Black or White. You will get a matching set. We can not take color requests. Please note that the 80cm and 90cm skis do not have tip protectors. Skis from 100cm and up do have the black tip protectors. Before shipment, we perform a free courtesy basic sharpen and hot wax service that is not included in the purchase price.

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