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Used Salomon Mission RS 880 Ski Boots Men's

This is a Used Salomon Mission RS 880 Men's Ski Boot. The Salomon Mission RS 880 ski boot is for intermediate to advanced skiers. This four buckle boot has micro metal buckles. This boot has a power strap. The two top leg buckles are extended layer buckles as the teeth are adjustable for more room at the calf. Other features are the canting adjustment found at the side of the boot, tongue pull and biovent boot liner. Boot Sole Length: Mondo 26.0-26.5=308mm; Mondo 27.0-27.5=318mm; Mondo 28.0-28.5=328mm; Mondo 29.0-29.5=338mm; Mondo 30.0-30.5=358mm; Mondo 31.0-31.5=368mm; and Mondo 33.0-33.5=378. We have this boot in different colors, Black or Red and Gray, from different model years. The boots may also have different colored boot liners in either Gray or Red. We can not take color choices on this boot liner. You will get a matching set of either color boot liner.

The photos are representative of the boot that you will receive. All the boots are in a similar condition as shown in the photos and described below.


These boots were used in a mountain ski shop rental and lease program for two seasons. The boots have a lot of scuffs, scrapes and scratches. There are numbers and letters engraved onto the back of the boot. These boot were well used.

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