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A Used 2014 Dynastar Outland 75 XT Snow Ski with Look Xpress Binding Used 2014 Dynastar Outland 75 XT Snow Ski with Look Xpress Binding C

Used 2014 Dynastar Outland 75 XT Snow Ski with Look Xpress Binding

This is a used 2014 Dynastar Outland 75 XT All Mountain Ski with Look Xpress (DIN 3.5-11) adjustable demo bindings that will fit boot sizes from 5 - 13. The Outland 75 is the narrowest ski in the Outland all-mountain family, targeted at novice to intermediate skiers who stick mostly to the groomers. Its core is reinforced with lighter, livelier aramid fiber laminates (a generic Kevlar) instead of basalt fibers. This ski has wood-core Autodrive constructions - a signature Dynastar combination of vertical sidewalls underfoot for edge grip and softer cap construction toward the tip and tail for softer flex and more forgiving turn entries and exits. Subtle tip and tail rocker enhances that effect, while also absorbing shocks and improving flotation in soft snow. Dynastar also shapes the "3D" core in a way that's thinner in the middle, thicker near the edges, putting mass where it helps to enhance edge stability and removing it where it obstructs flex.

Tip/Waist/Tail-cm: 120/75/110

Turning Radius: @146cm - r12m; @156cm - r13m; @166cm - r15m; and @176cm - r17m..
All-Mountain Rocker Technology (Rocker - Camber - Rocker)
3D Wood Core
Autodrive Sidewalls
All Mountain -Carving
Beginner - Intermediate
Partial Twin Tip

The photos are representative of the ski that you will receive. The skis that you will receive will be the same Model, Year, Brand and Graphic and in the same Condition as the photos and as described below.


This ski was used in a mountain ski shop rental and lease program for two seasons. The tops have moderate scratches and scuff marks. There is some p-tex that was done well. The bottoms have base scratches but are smooth. The edges are straight. Before shipment, we perform a free courtesy basic sharpen and hot wax service that is not included in the purchase price.

This ski comes in two different topsheet conditions as described below-

A-The topskins will have chips and slices that will be up to and slightly over 1/2" that we call A size chips and slices.


C-The topskins will have large chips and slices well over 1".  Please see our photo for samples of the type of C size chips and slices on this ski.


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