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A Used 2013 Atomic Nomad Smoke Ski with Atomic Ezytrak 10 Binding Used 2013 Atomic Nomad Smoke Ski with Atomic Ezytrak 10 Binding C

Used 2013 Atomic Nomad Smoke Ski with Atomic Ezytrak 10 Binding

This is a 2013 used Atomic Nomad Smoke skis with Atomic Ezytrak 10 (DIN 3-10) demo bindings that adjust from boot size 5-13 so you will not have to re-drill your skis. The new Atomic Smoke from the Nomad series is the ideal all-mountain ski for beginners and helps skiers to raise their game to the next level. Thanks to the new Step Down Sidewall good edge grip is guaranteed on hard snow. The All Mountain Rocker adds a new layer of versatility: the rocker tip provides additional floatation in soft snow and makes it easier to initiate turns. Which makes the Smoke especially compliant and easy to control. Its durable topsheet, ultra-thick base and thicker edges make this rental model especially hard-wearing and robust.

Features include:
All Mountain Rocker (85% Camber & 15% Tip Rocker)
Step Down Sidewall
Cap Fiber Core
Tip/Waist/Tail- @157cm - 122.5/76/102; @164cm - 123.5/76/103.5; @171cm - 124/76/105; and @178cm - 125/76/106.5.

The photos are representative of the skis that you will receive. Your skis will be the same Brand, Model, Graphic, Model Year and in similar condition as noted below and shown in our photos.


This ski was used for two seasons in a mountain ski shop rental and lease program. The tops have scratches and scuff marks.  There is p-tex that was done well. The bases are smooth and in good shape. The edges are straight.Before shipment, we perform a free courtesy basic sharpen and hot wax service that is not included in the purchase price.

.  This ski has topsheet in two different conditions-

A-On the topsheet there are chips that will be up to and slightly over 1/2" that we call A size chips and slices. The chips are cosmetic and will not affect the ski's performance.



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