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Sizing for Kids

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Kids Ski Sizing;

In general, fit kids' skis at chin height. However, this can be adjusted based on their ability and attitude. Having fun is the most important thing!

If your child is very young, hesitant or not quite into it yet, we recommend shorter skis. You can go down to chest. This will help them gain confidence early and they will continue to ski and have a great time.
If your child is aggressive and really enjoys it already, then go with the nose or head height.
Weight can also help you to size kids' skis. Use the chart to help you determine the right length.
If your child is over 90 lbs and wearing over size 5 adult shoe, adult skis may be a better fit. Kids' skis have kids bindings and adult boots over size 6 may not fit the adjustment range.

    Kids' Ski Sizes
    Skier Height
    Suggested Ski Length
    Suggested Ski Length
    Skier Weight
    36" 70 27.5 < 40
    39.5" 80 31.5 < 40
    43" 90 35.5 40-50
    47" 100 39.25 50-60
    51" 110 43.25 60-70
    55" 120 47.25 70-80
    59" 130 51 80-90
    63" 140 55 >90
    67" 150 59 >90

    Kids don't really need poles until around 10 years old - but this can vary based on size and coordination.



    In general, the best size board for a beginner is between your chin and 1" below you shoulder. The best size board for an experienced rider with a couple seasons of experience is for the board to come between your nose and your eyes depending on riding style.

    Kids Ski Boots Fitting

    The first time children try on ski boots most will complain that they are too small. Let's face it - Ski boots are not the most comfortable boot, but boy is it fun when they hit the slopes! We have found that the following technique helps most parents fit kid's boots.

    First, pull out the boot liner from the plastic shell. Yes, you will be able to get the liner back in. We promise! Next, have your child try on the liner. This way you will be able to see how close your child's foot fits into the boot like any sneaker. We have found that parents will go up an entire shoe size to get more life out of a boot. Children's boots do not have to fit as snuggly as adult boots unless your child is an advanced skier.