Can I pick up my item?
I am sorry but we do not have a retail store. We only have a warehouse and can no longer take walk-in or pick up customers. We are asking that all our past walk-in and pick up customers purchase online.

What forms of Payment do you take? 
We accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express as a form of payment. 

Do you have a store I can shop at? 

Sorry, we are a warehouse with no retail store or staff to help. 

What are your Customer Service Hours?
Our shipping department usually arrives around 5:00am to begin processing your orders. Our Customer Service Department is available to answer telephone calls from around 9:00am to 4:00pm EST. However, the phone is often very busy and it can be difficult to get through to us. Our Customer Service Department usually starts responding to email around 7:00am until 4:00pm EST. You will often find that it is faster and easier to contact us via email. We normally do not work on weekends and holidays. So any contact made over the weekend and holidays will be returned on the next working business day. Please be patient with us on Mondays and after holidays, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What does the A+, A, B and C mean in the title of your ski?
For each ski that enters our warehouse, we rate their topsheet condition as either A+, A, B or C. A+ skis are our cherry used skis in like new condition. They have the best topsheet of any of our used equipment. A condition skis will normally have chips up to 1/2" inch in size. B condition skis will normally have chips and/or slices up to 1" in size or length. A+, A and B skis will normally have good edges and bottoms. C condition skis are our worst condition ski. The topsheet will have chips and/or slices over 1" in length. Additionally, there could be edge or base problems with the ski. We always ask our customers to fully read the description for all our skis, but especially the C condition skis. We will always fully disclose any edge or base problems in our description. We work hard to properly describe all our used equipment so you will not be surprised when you open up the box upon delivery. 

How long after payment is completed before my order ships out?
After payment is complete, we ship out orders within 48 hours. However, 98.5% of the time we ship out orders within 24 hours of payment. We only ship out orders Monday thru Friday. We do not ship out orders on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.

Fedex Express Shipping Time?
FedEx Express does not deliver on the weekends. FedEx Express delivers on Monday through Friday. This means that 2 day orders shipped on Thursday and Friday will not arrive until Monday and Tuesday. Overnight orders shipped Friday will arrive on Monday. 

Do you adjust bindings? 
No, we are not able to adjust the bindings on your skis due to insurance issues. You must have a ski shop or mountain shop adjust your bindings. They will need your boots and personal information to adjust and test the bindings. 

What are Demo bindings? 
Demo bindings have longer sliding tracks underneath the toe and heel. The bindings can be adjusted to fit many sizes. A regular binding once mounted can only fit one size. When purchasing demo adjustable bindings make sure that they adjust to fit your boot size. 

What is Boot Sole Length? and Where do I find it on my boots?
The boot sole length is a measurement in mm for the length of the plastic sheel of each ski boot. It can usually be found engraved or embossed on the boot above the heel plate on both boots. It is usually found on either the inside or outside of each boot. An example of the number will be 346 or 346mm.

How do you ship? 
We use FedEx Ground as our standard shipper for all Skis, Boots, Snowboards, and other items over 6 lbs. We use US Postal Service Regular and Priority Mail for smaller items and APO customers. Smaller items include most orders under 6 lbs, like poles, goggles, helmets, socks, gloves and clothing. Insurance is included in all our shipping rates. We ship all our orders to Canada with US Postal Service International Mail. Please see our shipping page for more detailed information about our Shipping Policy.

Do you ship internationally?
We ship directly to Canada with USPS Priority Mail. We now can ship to over 200 international countries with comGateway. Once you have your items in your shopping cart, you can click on the Global Checkout Button in the right hand top or bottom corner of the checkout page. comGateway will calculate shipping costs to your door along with any duties and taxes that may apply. 

Do you take returns?
US and Canadian orders can be returned unused within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. For new products, the tags must still be attached and, if applicable, the product must be returned in its original manufacturers box (i.e. goggles). If you are not happy with any of our products, please give us a call at 410-741-0322 or send us an email at info@snowsportdeals.com for instructions on how to return the product. 

Why does it cost so much to ship skis and snowboards?
Skis and snowboards are expensive to ship due to their length. Both domestic and international carriers/shipping companies (such as FedEx, UPS and USPS) base their rates for oversize packaes on dimensional weights. Dimensional weight is determined using the following formula - Legnth x Width x Height. Shipping skis and snowboards internationally can be very expensive. Depending on the destination country, the shipping of skis can cost from $96.00 US to over $250.00 US. 

I have questions about my international shipment? Can you help me?
All questions related to your international shipment to Canada can be directed to info@snowsportdeals.com.